Finding Answers For Rational Online Fashion Products

Apr 13, 2017  

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Pickup discounts vary by item. For example, the price of an iRobot Roomba 650 vacuum that costs $299.99 will be reduced by $12 to $287.99. The price of a Vizio 70'' 4K Ultra HDTV of $1,698 will be slashed by $50 to $1,648. The discount option will roll out to an additional 1 million popular items by the end of June. "We are at a point right now where we are really able to leverage the assets that are unique to Walmart," Marc Lore, president and CEO of Walmart eCommerce U.S. told TheStreet in an interview. Walmart touts its pickup discount as another way it is being more transparent with its pricing, as it costs less for the company to ship items to one of its stores compared to a home. The new option is the direct result of Walmart's $3.3 billion acquisition of e-commerce company last year, as it mirrors Jet's Smart Cart feature that guides customers through various ways they can alter their purchases to reduce prices. The August 2016 acquisition of has proved to be possibly Walmart's smartest buy to date.

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